10 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Like a Luxury Hotel

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A detailed cleaning can impart a feeling of freshness to a living space, yet sometimes, lingering odors may hint at uncleanliness, even after a comprehensive tidying session. Fortunately, there are a handful of straightforward techniques available to deal with common household smells.

Try a spice-based shoe deodorizer

A shoe rack, unfortunately, is often a source of unpleasant odors due to the build-up of sweat in shoes and boots. Cloves can serve as a solution to this issue. Small sachets of cloves can be placed in each shoe, helping to absorb excess moisture and replace it with the spice’s distinct fragrance over a few hours.

Neutralize bathroom odors with candles

Candles, in addition to providing a calming ambiance in the bathroom, can help to neutralize lingering smells. Even unscented candles, with their minimal smoke, can effectively remove odors. Remember to put out the candle before leaving the room.

Consider using car fresheners in the garbage bin

A car air freshener can serve a dual purpose in maintaining a pleasant smell in the toilet or kitchen trash bin. Their inbuilt strings make it easy to attach them to a toilet paper holder or bin, effectively masking any unpleasant odors.

Use laundry gel to freshen the bathroom air

A reliable method for freshening the bathroom involves creating a DIY air freshener. This can be made by soaking a few cotton balls in laundry gel and placing them in an inconspicuous corner of the room. The fresh scent should last up to three days, after which the freshener can be replaced.

Eliminate musty closet smells with a soap sack

Humidity and poor ventilation often lead to a musty odor in closets. Ensuring clothes are fully dry before storing them can help, as can a homemade air freshener made by wrapping a scented soap bar in fabric and placing it near the clothes. An empty sock makes a good makeshift sachet. Replacing plastic or wire hangers with cedar ones can also help by absorbing moisture and imparting a pleasant scent.

Use tangerine peel to freshen the microwave

Unpleasant smells inside the microwave can be neutralized by heating a piece of tangerine peel at a low setting. This simple trick also works for your oven.

Use potatoes and dry oats to keep the fridge fresh

A potato, once peeled and cut, can serve as a natural odor absorber in your fridge. Replace this makeshift filter every few days for best results. Dry oats can serve a similar function, absorbing odors overnight.

Combat garbage bin smells with soda, charcoal, and cat litter

A sprinkle of soda or charcoal at the bottom of the bin can help to absorb bad smells. Additionally, cat litter, being moisture-absorbent, can effectively hide odors.

Use apples and vinegar to deodorize cutting boards

Unpleasant smells from food can often be absorbed by wooden cutting boards. To prevent this, clean the board with hot water and dish soap, then wipe with vinegar and rinse. To remove strong smells like garlic, grate an apple over the surface and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Tackle plastic container smells with toothpaste and newspaper

Lunch boxes and other plastic containers can emit unpleasant smells over time. To mitigate this, wash the container with a bit of toothpaste. Alternatively, stuff the container with crumpled newspaper overnight to absorb the smell.

Sanitize kitchen sponges in the microwave

Kitchen sponges, being damp, are a hotbed for bacteria, leading to unpleasant smells. To extend the life of your sponges, microwave them for a minute to kill up to 99% of bacteria, effectively eliminating any odors.

Remove cooking smells with a homemade diffuser

The aroma of cooked food can linger long after a meal is over. A simple solution involves baking soda and a crockpot. Fill the pot with water and a few tablespoons of baking soda, then heat. The resulting steam will help to eliminate any remaining food odors.

Use lemons and potatoes to prevent fish odors from permeating your home

The smell of fish, while it can be appetizing during cooking, can linger unwelcomingly. Rubbing the fish with lemon juice prior to cooking can help to minimize the odor. If frying, adding a few slices of potato to the pan can also help absorb unwanted smells.

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